Jun 14, 2009

Jun 08 : Taishou Pond - Myoujin : Northern Japanese Alps

Entered Kamikouchi by bus. Nobody is allowed to drive into there by their own cars.
I don't have a car anyway.

Taishou Pond
A major eruption of Mt.Yake in 1915 blocked Azusa River and made this lake.

Mt.Nishihotaka - Mt.Okuhotaka - Mt.Maehotaka

Mt.Yake and Taishou Pond - A dead tree in the pond

Tashiro Moor

Azusa River
The water is Aquamarine. Why it's so limpid?

Kappa Bridge

View of Hotaka mountains from Kappa Bridge


At the front of Myoujinkan Lodge, Konashi (Malis sieboldii) trees were in full blossom.
The guy on the ladder was setting large electric lights around the trees.

It was for their Hamani party.

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