Aug 23, 2009

Aug 11 : Kumonotaira - Mt.Suishou : Northern Japanese Alps

The typhoon passed
6:50. Very clear!
Let's start! Toward that Shining Suishou-dake (Mt. Crystal)
20minutes walk to the camp site at the foot of Jii-dake (Mt. Grandfather)

Pitched my hammock in a small site surrounded with creeping pines

Kumonotaira Camp site
Abundant water, cold and mellow
But the ground was like a riverbed. Many small streams appeared everywhere when it rained
Many mosquitoes in the evening but luckily they disappeared in the night
I don't know why

Though it was a comfortable place
Shiny sky, shiny plants
Nice view of Mt. Kurobegorou

Small gentians were scattered like blue stars on green grass
Bees and flies were busy

When I was taking photos of Kumonotaira (Plateau of Cloud) at the entrance of the camp site, a couple came up from Greek Garden. We noticed each other immediately. They were the couple I met on the way to Taroudaira.
We excited with the accidental meeting. But later days, I met the same 5 parties, 9 people more than twice, in some point on the route. See? How North Alps is popular and how much crowded during Obon season.

From Jii-dake peak

Glowing Yarigatake (Mt.of Spear)

Looked down the camp site from Jiidake Junction

Tents had increased. Already 18:57

19:20 Backed

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