Oct 27, 2009

Oct 19 : Yarigatake (Mt.of Spear) : Northern Japanese Alps

At the top of Spearhead of Mt.of Spear
Viewed Mt.Spike-High

Yarigatake (3180 m): Mt.of Spear. Hotakadake (3190 m): Mt. Spike High

The peak of Yarigatake is called "Spearhead"

Climbing to the top of Spearhead

View South from the peak of Mt. of Yari

Higashikama Ridge - Nishikama Ridge

Hakusan : Mt.Haku (White) hazily appeared far over Kasagatake : Mt.of Kasa (Conical hat) -
Mt.Washiba, Mt.Jii and Mt.Yakushi over rough Iou Ridge

Ridge line of Yari-Hotaka range viewed from Mt.Oonoma

http://wikimapia.org : wikimapia page of this area

English Map of Japan Northern Alps South Part - English Map of Yari-Hotaka Ridgeline

These names in the maps and pictures are translated by ME!
Unauthoritative and no assurance.

Can see the last part of the climbing route to Kitahotaka Hut from the bottom of Large Kiretto -
Higashikama Ridge from Hütte Nishidake to Hütte Ooyari

How can "Kiretto" be translated?
Kiretto is a Nagano direct which means a rapid large col which looks a big V-shaped cut on the ridge line from a distance. The literal translation is "Cut-door"? "Notch-door"? In Toyama direct it's called "Mado (Window)"
Between Mt.Minami and Mt.Kitahotaka, there is a large Kiretto which certainly is the most famous Kiretto in Japan. Called "Dai Kiretto". Since I like the sound of Kiretto, I'll call it as is. Just translate Dai into Large.

Tow peaks called Larege Spear and Small Spear.
Ooyari and Koyari

Looking down Senjouzawa Pass - Looking up Spearhead

It was the same place I desperately progressed in the snow.
How easy to walk when snow had hardened!

Hida pass
Kasagatake : Mt.of Kasa from Hida Pass

Abendrot (Evening glow) of Hotaka range from Yarigatake Lodge

City lights of Azumino over Jounen range and the window ight of Sesshou Hütte -
Antipasto : wine, dried fig, prosciutto, camembert, fresh onion, green pepper, butter and baguette -
The window light of Kitahotaka Hut

Cellphones are perfectly available there on the ridge line of Yari-Hotaka range. At least docomos' are available. I got an email from a co-worker and phoned him. And It turned out I would be needed to do something with my job by next Friday. Gee! I was planning to be in the mountains a week more. It was a big disppointment, especially considering the weight of food which I brought up to the (almost) top of Mt.of Yari. It became just an extra weight at this point. But no choice.
Well, no need to skimp on food any more.

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