Oct 28, 2009

Oct 20 : Yarigatake - Yokoo : Northern Japanese Alps

Snowy morning. Descended from Yarigatake.
Just milk white every direction.

Junction just below Banryuu Cave (Bouzunoiwagoya)

Green Band ; A belt of creeping pine growing on moraine.

Yarisawa Valley
Under 2600 m, got out of the cloud. As I descended, the season went back to Autumn.

Babadaira Camp site
There used to be Yarisawa Lodge here. But it was destroyed by an avalanche many years ago.
It has moved to a little lower place now. Stone walls remain.

Limpid stream of Yarisawa below Yarisawa Lodge.

Tributary river running in Ichinomatadani Valley - The Last Angelica flower of this year


It was about 1 pm when I arrived to Yokoo. I wondered if I had time to get to Karasawa before dark. But eventually decided to stay at Yokoo. The cold front seemed to be gone finally. The next day was to sunny. Would be nice to hike up to Karasawa in the morning.

The large campsite was almost empty first. By the evening, the tents increased. But only about 10.

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